Hard Surface Modeling


This spider-like robot, inspired by the Half-Life 2 strider, was created as a little side project. This model was created using subdivision modeling techniques which allows for very smooth, clean looking models. The legs are also fully rigged with IK.

The second set of images are of a piece I submitted to the 3d-Palace.com June 2009 Competition which won first place. The theme of this competition was the minutes before and after doomsday. I decided to mark the end of the world at the point where the CERN Large Hadron Collider starts up. The first shot is my recreation of the collider moments before it starts. In the second shot, I fantisized that the collider, once turned on, would open a portal to hell from which demons would begin pouring out.

Modeling done in 3ds Max, base mesh of demon legs and arms done in 3ds Max and detailed in Zbrush and texturing done in Photoshop.

A short run-through of the geometry can be seen here:

3D modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting